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Last summer I was looking for a garden gun, a worn out single shot to keep the rodents out of my garden. What I found was a single shot, manuel cocking take down model called Hiawatha. No manufacture name no serial number no other identifing markings anywhere. I took it clear apart and cleaned it up and re oiled the stock. It shoots as good as any of my newer stuff. I would like to know if anybody knows any thing about Hiawatha .22's
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A quick google shows Hiawatha as a model name associated with Savage. If you had any information or model numbers off the barrel someone could no doubt dig up the particulars.
I thought it may be a after market Savage model 3, but after comparing it to a pre war model 3 their were a few similarties but alot of differences also. the extractor and locking lug were reallt different and so was the saftey. I was really just curious because there was no other markings on the entire rifle anywhere. After cleaning it up and shooting it I guess it really is worth the 25.00 I paid for it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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