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High standard model 9247 trophy value

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i am looking at a high standard supermatic trophy model 9247 with a 5 1/2" barrel. this gun is new in box. serial number is ml 32501 ,what is it value and when was it made? any and all info about this gun is apprec. thanks don
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Sorry, I don't have my serial # info near me. Value.....In good condition (what does that mean?), I'd expect it could sell anywhere from $475 - 1600. There are a number of these guns at auction on Gunbroker as I write this; that is the asking price range. is significant that NONE of these guns has a bid placed on it. Is that because the prices are too high or because many shooters don't know about High Standard pistols? I dunno.
Realistically - $400 to $450.
You hear about bargain buys - sub $300 for guns like yours - but they are rare and fortunate circumstances for the buyers.

Could be in triple digits. Did you check the listings at Gunbroker to get a sense of where your gun fits in?.
There is one listing for a NIB Supermatic Trophy. Asking $969.00. No bids.
It is an original H-S, yes? Problem - the gun listed above has a serial number lower than yours (30740). It was made in the East Hartford factory sometime after March 1973. The East Hartford guns are, frankly, less desirable than guns made at the Hamden factory. High Standard was in decline at that point and the guns - though many are good - have a reputation for spotty quality.
There are lots of very nice Supermatic for sale. Many of the 98%+ are about $1000. But no one is bidding on them at that price. So.....are those guns worth $1000? Is yours worth more? BTW.....its is hard to call a gun that is as old as yours "New In Box". More properly it is "Mint, unfired, as new". It is certainly not "new".
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