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This past weekend I was given a Hechler and Koch HK 630 .223 rifle. It is new and has never been fired - but don't have box and there are 2 scratches on the stock.

I've done some research on the internet and it appears to be a nice gun. I've been wanting a .223 semi-auto and I do not really want an AR so I am happy with it.

The problem is that is has a very odd scope mount and the mount itself - an HK05 - is basically impossible to find and supposedly very expensive - like $400 for the mount. There are iron sights on the gun but I really want a scope.

The other problem is that it only has a 4 shot magazine. There is a 10 shot magazine available too, but like the scope mount is very difficult to find.

Best I can tell, this gun has not been imported to the US since the 1980's.

So my questions are:

1. Is anyone familiar with this gun? If so, is it a good long range gun? Say 300 yards for prairie dogs?

2. Anyone have any idea about where I could find a scope mount and/or magazine?

I am considering selling it and buying a different .223 if I can't find scope or magazine - but am trying to find out more about since, from what I have read, it appears to be pretty nice.


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I can't help you with the parts, but I can tell you I think that is one of the finest looking rifles ever made.

Try a more "tactical" minded forum- you'll find hard core HK fans there that might be able to help you out.

Nice gun!

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