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Hodgdon 2010 Manual

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I bought the 2010 Hodgdon Annual Manual. This has been a reasonably useful manual for me. This year Hodgdon dropped the 307 and 356 Winchester cartridges which is a serious disappointment. If you want to help drive a cartridge into obsolescence removing load data is a good start.
Hodgdon bullets are not ideal for the 307 or 356 Winchester cartridges but Hodgdon powders are and it is a shame the cartridges were dropped from the manual.
I should not complain too loudly, Sierra and Lyman never included the cartridges in their manuals.
Before anyone gets too excited, those hot beds of reloading activity the 256 Winchester Magnum and 32-40 WCF are still included
Steve Gash has a good article on Hodgdon Varget and he sprinkles a little “pixie dust” on the 300 Savage – good realistic data which graphs favorably with the 308 Marlin Express.
So while I am sulking in the corner over the loss of my favorite cartridges the multitude shooting and reloading for the 45 Winchester Magnum is well covered with a surprising variety of load data.
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Good manual with lots of good info. I see where they are reintroducing the IMR-8208. It will be a different powder than the original milsurp 8208. I still have a couple of cans of the old 8208 but will be trying the new also as soon as it becomes available.
Slim - Not aware Hodgdon makes bullets - do you mean Hornady?
Slim - Not aware Hodgdon makes bullets - do you mean Hornady?
Yes, of course. I must have been pouting!
Haven't bought one for years because there was nothing new for anything I load for.
Bought one of their yearly pub's a couple years ago, but thought the only thing of interest was the powder burn rate chart. The various cartridge loadings seem skimpy in bullet weights - like their full manual much better.
Go to Hodgdon's web site. Pages 108 and 109 in the 2010 manual are incorrect. Email them your address and they will send you the corrected pages.
That’s a good point about the errors. I believe Rocky posted it on Hunt Chat awhile back and I figured everyone had seen it.

I use the Hodgdon Annual manual quite a bit but the loss of some of my favorite cartridges will limit my use of the book throughout this year.
Their manual isn't of much use if you cant get their powders!??
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