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Holiday-Stuffed Poultry

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Remember: Wash & Rinse hands thoroughly, both before and after, handling the bird.:)

Pre-Heat Oven To 300 F.

* This Recipe works for just about any bird. Only the baking times should be altered due to some birds being of greater or lesser girth than others. Before plucking, singeing, and gutting the bird, remove the birds head, feet, and wing tips. Now, pluck, singe, and gut! Make certain that the anal opening is sufficiently wide for stuffing. Thoroughly rinse both your hands and the bird!:)

(1) Place bird on its stomach. Season it's back and sides with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and poultry seasoning.

(2) Use 1 TABLESPOON of corn oil and spread oil on bottom and sides of a metal roasting pan with a patch of clean paper towel.

( 2) Dice two onions, two small bell peppers, and five ribs of celery (including celery leaves), into the roasting pan and place the bird on its back, on top of diced vegetables. Its stomach should now be facing you, while sitting inside the bottom portion of the pan.

(3) Now stuff the bird with the uncooked stuffing (dressing).

:) Whenever baking poultry, always include at the very least, diced onions and celery :)

(4) Attach a clean thin string to both legs and thread through the tail, closing the anal-stomach opening. Tie string, making certain that stuffing will not ooze out.

(5) Season the top of the bird with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and poultry seasoning.

(6) Connect the top of the roasting pan to its bottom, that contains the bird. Place the roasting pan into the 300 degree ( F) oven.

Poultry Approximate Cooking Times (300 F):

5-6 lbs.---> 2.5-3 hrs. (stuffed)

6-8 lbs.---> 3-3.5 hrs. (stuffed)

8-10 lbs.---> 3.5-4 hrs. (stuffed)

* No matter what the above times indicate, it would always be preferable to measure the internal temperature of the bird, with a cooking thermometer.
When the center of breast reads 165 F, it's done! Measure both the center of breast and the thigh on large birds. Otherwise, just take the breast temp!:)

Bon Appetite!:)
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This year's Turkey for Thanksgiving I am skipping doing it in the oven & I am breaking out from storage my Ronco Rotisserie That we bought years ago & this year the bird will be done under 3 Hrs nice & moist & jucy.
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