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I'll be compiling a short summary of what I saw at SHOT over the next day or so. Too exhausted from the drive to do much right now.

But of the areas I explored (reloading and ammunition), there isn't all that much new. Except for lead-free bullets, the industry says it spent the past year just trying to catch up with existing products - not in generating even more demand!

Details soon ...
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Looking forward to your report. I am interested in the apparent “explosion” of new reloaders. The new Hornady lead-free bullet in .25 caliber has my interest.
I want to know if you made it past the Freedom Arms and U.S. Firearms booths.
Of course we are looking forward to the “buzz” about the arrests.
I was pretty surprised at plastic revolvers from S&W and Taurus... they must have seen Ruger's sales reports!
me to.. ive never been to one ,,probably never report anything that hit your will be new to some of us..slim
Here’s a quickie summary of my SHOT Show observations. I concentrated mostly on reloading, not guns or optics. In no particular order, here we go:

Lyman will offer an economical new lead melter called the “Big Dipper” for about $40 retail. Their all-new 4th edition of the Cast Bullet Manual will be out by summer.

Barnes will offer a 50-gr TSX bullet designed specifically for 1-14” twist at 22-250 speeds.

Winchester will offer a new lead-free rimfire round and a .410 self-defense load that contains three copper “sluglets” plus a charge of large shot.

Hornady has finally perfected their power case trim and prep station. It features power trim, shaving collection, plus power chamfer (inside and outside), primer pocket cleaning, flashhole deburr and more. They will also offer a one-piece powder dispenser and scale with simplified controls; also on tap is an ultrasonic brass/parts/jewelry cleaner with large capacity.

Browning will introduce an X-Bolt Micro Hunter as a well as stainless/carbon fiber versions of the full-size X-Bolt. The A-Bolt will continue in production as well.

ATK/Federal will introduce a lead-free 16-grain 17 HMR round, a Lead-free Short-Range 22 rimfire round at 1600 fps and a TNT Green bullet as loaded ammo only and component bullets to come. Primer production has been increased to help meet demand.

RCBS has packaged a die cleaning kit of aerosols and also offers a chronograph that stores the screens inside the chronograph body for easy transport; retail price about $150.

Alliant confirms their recent announcement of a series of spherical propellants (made at the St Marks facility in Florida) with the Varmint powder due in June. They also will introduce a blackpowder substitute called Black Dot.

Nosler will join the lead-free parade with a copper-matrix core version of their Ballistic Tip. Regular lead-core bullets will continue at full production.

Redding will offer a Versa-Pak reloading kit that will allow customers to pick the press they prefer.

Forster introduced a 3-in-1 cutter head that trims, inside and outside chamfers simultaneously. Their popular Co-Ax press now comes with either short or long handles and has an increased window opening to handle rounds as long as the STW or UltraMag cartridges.

Hodgdon has introduced the cultishly popular IMR8208XBR powder for benchrest and varmint-sized rounds. It is not exactly the same as the long-vanished surplus powders known by that number, but does duplicate its performance with modern powder technology benefits as well.

CVA announced their first-ever centerfire rifles, offering the Scout for small-stature shooters as well as the full-size Apex. Both are single-shot break-action rifles chambered in 243 through 35 Whelen. (Scout in 243 only for now.)
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Rocky when you mention the Hornady power case trimmer and prep center are you referring to there Lock-N-Load Power Case Prep Center? This was introduced around election time and with everything that happened following the election was placed on perverbial back burner.
Yes it is, but the engineer who developed it wasn't entirely happy with it as introduced - hence the low-profile. He is the guy I talked to, and he is now more than satisfied with it. I have one coming for review, along with their powder dispenser.
I got one and judging from the serial number has to be one of the first ones out. Yes there are some issues with it and I've talked to Hornady personnel about the problems. Sent them some trimmed cases around two weeks ago but nothing yet from them. If they get the problems ironed out should be one slick machine.
Hey Rocky,

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the Browning BAR Zenith?
Did you happen to take a look at Kel Tec's booth? I'm curious about their new 22 mag 30 rd. capacity pistol.
Thanks Rocky. Just as good or better than being there for me. Any word from the Accurate line of powders. They do not exist in my area since the shortage.
No and no on the Browning and Kel-Tec. I did see the limited-run Browning B-78, but it won't be a regular catalog item. If a dealer didn't order any at SHOT, he can't order now.

They're still importing and distributing Accurate powders as fast as they can. Every supplier I spoke with believes that the huge bump in demand for everything is about over (barring any political surprises from you-know-who). They believe that all hoarders are now stocked to the gills, and demand will return to something just above normal. All the new reloaders will increase the demand a bit, but it will be within the capacity of supply. Winchester said their demand went to 12X normal, and is now down to 5X normal, for example.
Good news on the supply/demand situation, Rocky.

Hope the prices haven't stabalized at the present high, though.

Still have ample supplies of reloading materials from prudent purchases several years ago, so I'm able to weather the storm for a few more years at the present pace of consumption. When looking at the prices today as compared to what I previously paid, all I can do is shake my head. Retirement income doesn't permit the bulk buys of yesteryear! :(
I've noticed on my local hunting forum back home supply is starting pick up in Alaska too. I'm glad since there's about 10 lbs worth of various powders I need to pick up, and plenty of primers. Now if Midway would get that backordered 460 S&W brass in I'd be in business!
Range I was at yesterday had a LOT of powder. At $30 / lb., or so, they'll probably have it for a while I'd guess......
Another thing Winchester said is that they haven't raised their prices since January 2008. That was well before the election, and it means that all the increases we've seen (for WW stuff, anyway) is the work of middlemen and retail.

It is hard to blame somebody for charging what the market will bear, I suppose. But part of the blame falls on us as customers, too. If we keep sucking it up and paying, what incentive do they have to lower their prices?
$30/lb! That is incredible... I'm whining at $22/lb! Normally there is a bulk discount, even locally. They have their 8lb jugs priced just a few dollars less than buying 8 1lb bottles.

I just need to get off my butt and put an order in with Powder Valley...
Sorry guys. I did not mean to turn this great info thread into an availability thing. I have not been able to get any Accurate #5 and it is one powder I have to have with no close substitute. When I get a chance I will get a couple pounds and will be stocked forever but I got caught in this supply thing and that powder just has not reappeared in my area.

Sure appreciate the info on the show Rocky. The Hornady case prep station sounds like a nice item to have. If I ever look at getting that type of thing I will definitely put the Hornady on my list.
No problem, Chief. Availability and price were two items I discussed with EVERY supplier, so it is more than apropos to address here.
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