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Home starting to get flooded

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Seems the rain in Brunswick Co. is getting the best of my wife. We've got two feet of water in the backyard, a foot up front, water coming in the kitchen, stilling raining and more forecasted. She's a strong women and dealing this without me. :mad:

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must be rough,to try an concentrate on doing a good job ,where you at..while she handles the home front.. we can only hope an pray the water recedes..
bird dog.. every parent dreads that phone call.. i try not even think about it.. could happen sure it would rock my world..
but ive been fortunate enough to not have recieved that type phone call ,so far..
mine wasn t a phone call. they told me as i was headed for her[the sick wife] room at brian center,nurseing home..i knew it was coming,, but it put me to my knees anyway..sure changed my world..
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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