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Hi guys.
I am not trying to "advertise" here..not at all.
Just thought i'd give y'all the url to my ministry website, in hopes that it would be a blessing to you.

I am a country boy, and like to hunt, shoot, reload, etc..
I cowboyed on the 7uk ranch in Oklahoma before i got saved, and have been a pastor for 22 years now.

Most of my ministry has been to the same kind of folks.. but, i have also pastored Big churches, to home fellowships.. and frankly, like the home fellowships the most..

Well, anyway, i pray the word on our site will truly be a blessing to all who check it out.

God bless you all!


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Canyonman - Just wanted to extend my greetings. I had computer problems for awhile then was gone on a ministry trip, then a hunting trip, and now back home trying to catch up. I am a third-generation rancher in Montana, saved since '73, active in ministry since '82 and ordained with Fellow Laborers International Network (FLInt Net). My url is:
Drop me a note and I will be glad to send you one of my books.

Best in Him,

Sunday Creek (John)
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