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WEll I got one better than that my friend! I purchased several boxes of Hornady Self-Defense ammo in .380-auto and 9mm Luger for a test we were going to be doing at the local gunclub. It just so happens that a lot of that ammo did NOT go BANG when the trigger on the pistols were pulled. The primer's were hit hard in the center but NO FIRE!!!

I told the gunstore and took them some of the non-firing ammo right after we ran the test. They said they would get in touch with Hornady. Hornady told them there must have been a problem with the the shooters pistol.

Well gents we used several new pistols that day and several other brands of self-defense ammo too. All of those different brands of ammo fired in those pistols. I called Hornady myself a couple days later and gave them the whole story as to what we were doing and ammo and pistols that were used.

HORNADY never did a blessed thing about the problem, nor do they offer to replace the ammo or give us a refund period. The guy at Hornady insisted their ammo was tops and this could not have happened the way I stated. Pistols used were new: Glock model 26, Sig Sauer in .380-auto and Sig Sauer P-239 (9mm Luger) Kel-Tec P-11 & Kel-Tec PF-9 in (9mm Luger) Ruger LCP. None of these pistols were over a month old.

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