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Hornady 50 Bmg Press

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I just picked up a Hornady 50 BMG press. (of course its to load 50 bmg's) Anybody have one? Any upgrade suggestions? I picked up some conversions so I can load my .338/.378's with it along with the BMG'z.
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I have the same press, but made by RCBS. It's a very good press and you won't be sorry. So far as I know there are no upgrades available for either the Hornady or the RCBS press unless you go with a piggy-back progressive. My press was used for loading large semi-standard rounds such as the .416 Rigby until I got the .50 BMG and the needed RCBS accessory kit to load the .50 BMG. The Hornady .50 BMG powder measure looks to be a really nice one and allows you to throw the huge charges needed without throwing twice. I wish they had made it when I started loading the .50 BMG as I use the Lyman measure and have to throw twice for each charge. Flash hole uniformer, neck turner, and primer pocket reamer, I would recommend K&M. For dies the CH-4D if you are wanting to load match ammo. I use the Lyman .50 BMG case trimmer and while slow, it works perfectly and the Lyman .50 BMG champher tool is as good as any.
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