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Hornady Brass?

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I don't have any trouble trimming Winchester brass,but when I try Hornady brass the pilot will not fit into mouth of Hornady brass.If I push real hard I can get it in,but it drags and gouges inside of case mouth.This is 44-40 brass and I'am using #44A pilot.Any one else have this problem?
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When are you trimming?  Pilots are usually sized to trim fired/unsized brass.  If you are trying to trim new/unfired brass you might try running them into the expander die first.  If this doesn't  you can either laod and shoot them as-is, or polish the trimmer pilot so it is a good fit in the sized and expanded case.

I prefer to trim after sizing & expanding so the length the case is trimmed to is the length it goes into the chamber.  Try this exercise and you will see what I mean:

Start with a new/unfired or sized case, mic. the  length and record it.

Load and fire same case, mic. and record

Size, mic. & record

Expand, mic. & record

Now, compare the measurements.  Amazing how the length changes, isn't it?  The only dimension you can control precisely is the sized and expanded length.  This is why I like to trim at this point as it gives the most consistent length for crimping.
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