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Tru-Oil glue...

Jack Monteith said:
I'm more than a little rusty on petroleum science, but grease is oil and a soap thickener. I'm not saying that you can mix your favourite gun or motor oil and a bar of Ivory and get a usable grease.

Keep the linseed oil out of the lockwork, or old Betsy will be seized solid. Oil based paints are mostly linseed oil and pigment. As a retired flaxseed grower I can tell you a few horror stories about it.

Had a friend who once brought me a very nice Browning Auto 5, saying it didn't shoot a ?$%%/&* even if he had oiled it to death... I just had to take a sniff to understand: some funny dealer had sold him Tru-Oil for gun oil! Had to completely dismantle that shotgun to clean the varnish inside!
Well, it didn't shoot but it didn't rust either! ;) PP.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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