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+1 Tang,

The 9.3 is a euro thing really. It is really good and all, but for us american's? How common is that ammo in Africa? Common enough to make the .375 seem hard to find by comparison? My advice, 9.3 Ruger if you really feel a need to go with .366 bullet diameter. There is in fact a wildcat already in the 9.3 based on the Ruger necked down. I acknowledge that we can get 9.3 bullets to reload with, but have you compared midways prices for 9.3 vs. the .375? Heh :)

As for why the Ruger is better? I do not think a hand loader can get up to the power level minimum required to hunt in africa for the 370 Sako. With the Ruger getting enough power is trivial. Now if all you want is an improved .35 wheelen then sure, this Sako is awesom!

Good Shooting,

Link to some glowing words about the 370 Sako -:

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why is the ruger better "all the way around"? from what i've read the 9.3x66 is a very good cartridge...
.370 Sako
Federal Ammo
286gr @ 2550fps & 4129ft/lbs $90.99 from Midway
200yd Zero = 10.1" low at 300

.375 Ruger
Hornady Ammo
270gr @ 2840fps & 4835ft/lbs, TKO=41.08, $53.99
200yd Zero = 8" low at 300

300gr RN @ 2660fps & & 4713ft/lbs, TKO=42.75 $53.99
200yd Zero = 10.8" low at 300

I rest my case ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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