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How long can a deer sit in the warm?

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I shot a deer today and was not able to get back and pick it up with my truck due to complications.  It reached about 70 degrees today, and is expected to be in the 50s tonight.  If I am able to pick it up mid morning tomorrow, will the meat be ok?
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    There are too many variables to answer your question definitively. Did you get the deer field dressed quickly and cleanly? Where was the hit (was there any stomach/intestinal material released into the body cavity?)? Did you leave the carcass in the shade?
     You should certainly retreive the deer. Chances are some if not all the meat is salvageable. I once didn't get to recover a deer in Delaware until the next day (during the fairly warm October muzzleloading season) and the meat was okay. But I'm not sure it got up to 70!
     Good luck and hope your deer is okay.    ID
    Go back to your deer, tag it and take it home.  
    Then go sign up for a Hunter Education class.  Treat that deer with respect.  You owe it to the game you are hunting, the other hunters in Virginia and the non-hunting public in general.  No one likes to see a good piece of venison go to waste.

    Good luck and keep hunting.
Thank you for your response IDshooter.  I picked him up today and he was just fine.  

As for twodot, maybe you should give the same respect you give your deer, to your fellow hunters and just answer the question.

Happy Turkey day to all...

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