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How to cary your favorite Folder

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I allways hated the way my big Case two balde folder sat in my front pocket. It would slide down sideways and be difficult to get to when I needed it. SOOOO I came up an idea that solved the problem. I drilled a 1/8" hole at the butt end completely thru, then ran a length of rawhide thru about 12" long. I then took an empty .44 mag case and drilled a 1/8" hole thru it just above the rim. I threaded the two ends of the rawhide, each thru one side and brought them up thru the mouth of the case. Tie a good square knot, put a drop of glue on and pull back into the case. Now, seat your favorite bullet in the case and you are done. How this helps is, if you wear Jeans most of the time like I do you just tuck the bullet in the watch pocket and the lanyard keeps the folder straight up and down and access is as easy as grabbing the lanyard. If you want,you can adjust the length before seating the bullet so you can tuck in your belt if you prefer.

Phil Uruburu
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