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As I tell this story, some may think of me as a hunter that has issues with mother nature, but I sum up alot of my hunting mishaps as encounters with the dark side. It was two years ago on the first day of the late blackpowder season. The weather was a little nippy and the fog seemed to be hanging low to the ground. My hunting partner at the time was a friend of a friend that just wanted to hang around because he was a city slicker from New York that was out visiting his brother and wanted to find out what this hunting was all about. I just couldn't resist the urge to inpress this tender foot with my vast knowlege of my blackpowder skills.So we are tip towing through the dead grass and buck brush when all of a sudden my hawk like eyes spot a mule deer laying down about seventy five yards away. She looked pretty alert because I could see those big ears twitching back and forth. There were two bushes between her and I so I told the tender foot that we were going to get as close as we could to put her down with the first shot. Once behind the first bush which was about fifty yards away, I nelt down and thought to myself, boy is this going to make me look good. I took steady aim and pulled the trigger. When the smoke cleared I could still see her laying there with those big ears twiching back and forth. The tender foot said,"you missed her" and I said," thats impossible because I don't miss at fifty yards but sure enough there she layed. This time I figured if she was dumb enough to stay there I would creep up to the next tree at twenty five yards and get her for sure, then I could redeem myself from the first miss. This time I crawled up to the second bush, raised up and fired. Now this is the part of the story that really gets embarrasing. The fog lifted after my second shot and what I had been shooting at was a small dead pine tree with two limbs with the needles still attached that were blowing in the breeze. the rock that was beside it was the same size and color of an autum mule deer. I didn't have enough money on me to bribe the tender foot not to tell his brother so needless to say I have been the cause of alot of campfire storys The only way to redeem myself is to bag a world trophy muley buck at Nine Mile Falls Wa. behind the log cabin my wife and I call home.
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