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I guess over the years I have collected maybe ten sets of "EARS". Mainly the David Clark red ones with the molded in depression so it won't hit the stock. Also the bigger pretty blue ones.

After about ten years of use the pads get tired, the foam inside the cup starts to flake and they are for all practical purposes not serviceable.

I have been thinking of what kind of insulation I could get that could be cut and glued on the muffs that would make them serviceable again.

Finally I figured out Armaflex closed cell foam insulation using in the HVAC industry and I figured ideally 3/8" would be about right but alas I don't have a source for it but I do have a piece about 3/16" thick.

Templates Made: First I removed old ear cushions and traced the outline of the inner oblong surface on a piece of plexiglass and cut it out with a scroll saw and did final sanding of the outside edge with a 12" disc sander.

Next I put a piece of plexiglass over the cup and traced out the inner opening and I was ready.

I put the template on the Armaflex and took a blue permanant Sharpie and traced the outline and used rounded surgical scissiors to cut the outside.

Once I had the pads cut I put the smaller template center of the outside, laid it out with Sharpie and cut it out with the scissors.

I placed them over the muffs and tried them on my head and they seemed to seal up just fine so I moved to attaching them.

I mixed up 2 part Devcon Two Ton Epoxy and placed a small thin coating on the rubber and placed them on the cups and opened it up to clamp on the sides of a box about 7" wide but they kept wanting to slide so this was stopped by taking clear packaging tape and tapng the cups in place and at the present time are sitting up curing.

The hardest part is cutting the templates and sanding to be be just 1/16" overside but once they are finished you are set for life.
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