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I too have found that Lil'Gun seems to be at its best with the heavies-300+ grain bullets.

Although H110/W296 seem to be a good choice, I would point you towards AA #9 for consistent ballistic performance with the 265g weight class bullets you seek to use.   AA #9 doesn't seem to require the top end pressure envelope to develop uniform burning, and turn in some very consistent performance.   It too lights off easier than does H110/W296.

Another overlooked powder for your application is IMR 800X.   It is a rather peculiar powder that will surprise you once you use it.   With 265g pills in your .45LC it too will deliver a good solid 1200+ fps load well within pressures for Rugers, and do so very consistently.   The only downside is it the rather bothersome size of powder flakes makes metering sometimes challenging.

Hope this helps!

God Bless,

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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