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I'm a combination of you both in that I've found 13.0 grs. of HS6 to be the most accurate 45LC load for my 4 5/8" barrel Ruger, but use the WLP primer with excellent results. While I don't have experimental evidence, I wouldn't expect the CCI std. primer to cause any performance problems. For a number of years, I used CCI mag primers in every thing I shot, from 4.0 grs. of Bullseye to max. H110 loads and never recognized any problems, but have switched to the WLP which is reported to cover both bases, std and mag., very well and appear to be a little softer than the CCI mag. I use Federal 150 primers with my S&W revovlers that have had lighter springs installed and had misfires with both WLP and CCI, the 150 Federals are apparently a little easier to ignite.

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