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Humor for all

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Thought I would give everyone a little humor at my expense. I have spent the last six months reading, and learning about reloading. I have been sizing, lubing, depriming, filling, smashing, smelting, sanding, fluxing, burning, seating, you name it. And so I go to the range with my first 200 rounds of freshly hand crafted reloaded .45 ACP rounds that I a so proud of.......First round jammed! I have since figured out what I may have done wrong but thought some of you might get a little chuckle out of my misery.
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Just look at it as a learning experience. I have been reloading “awhile” and I have similar difficulties. We are learning every day.
If you can find a copy of it there are several very good articles in the NRA’s cast bullet book about loading the 45 ACP which you may find helpful. You can generally get a copy through the interlibrary loan process.
My Dad shot Bullseye in the 1950’s and ‘60’s and he would take his 1911 apart and try rounds in the barrel as he loaded them. Later he had a second barrel which sped things up a bit. I know a fellow in San Angelo who has a bolt action 45 ACP rifle he uses for load testing.
Oh yes William it sure is a learning experience. Thanks for the tips. Heading to the range in a couple days to see if I "fixed" my problem. If I still have my fingers afterwards I will repost. Thanks.
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