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Hunting dangerous game

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This is a continuation of sorts of the "Why Cast Bullets" thread...

Few of us will ever have the opportunity to hunt dangerous game (save our brethren in the 49th State). I can see myself stalking a cape buffalo or perhaps a lion in Africa but that adventure will likely be a safari of the imagination.

Still, we can dream can't we. In that light...

What rifle / caliber / load combo would you use to hunt dangerous african game?

Would it be nuts to assume that a Marlin 1895CB in 45-70 shooting 400g+ hard cast bullets at 1900+ fps would be appropriate for the job?
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Has there been any discussion on the dependability of Marlin leverguns or their derivatives (e.g., Wild West)???

Are failures to cycle (mechanical or operator induced) or catastrophic failures due to over-pressure encountered?
To amplify ID's point...

In this month's issue of Sports Afield Col. Craig Boddington says energy has little to do with charge stopping ability. He adds, it's all about large bullet diameters and deep penetration that destroys vital organs and breaks bones.
That's too bad about Sports Afield. I didn't know. It was a classy magazine. I think Mainer is correct though, for a time it did go adrift in search of a broader audience and it lost touch with its roots..
Didn't get my issue yet. What were the levergun prejudices?
21 - 24 of 179 Posts
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