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Over the past six months I have recieved a great deal of email about the hunting in Florida. First of all, Florida is nothing like the Mickey Mouse ads seen on television. Yes, the place is crowded along the South coasts and Orlando, but in the northern coastal areas the population is low.
Florida has more government tracts open than anyone knows. Seasons are long and game bags large (two deer a day, for the entire season) and hogs are not classed as game animals on private hunt lands.
A 10 day nonresident licence is only &#3626.50 and if you hunt state land a permit is &#3626.50. Federal land, no cost for permit.
Most WMA areas are still hunt only, with a few allowing hog dogs when hunting wild hogs. We have some of the largest Spanish and Russians in the South.
There is a wide variety in types of hunting land from the low hardwoods and swamps along the coast to the high pine ridges inside.
For more information......""
best Regards, James
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