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Went yesterday with my son Sean to my buddy Rick's place
it's about 2 hrs north of Austin, I love going there
it's a beautiful pice of property and has a ton of deer
Shot all my deer with the Wilson Combat 18" Recon with 3-0 Accupoint and handloaded Barnes 85g

the game plan was to take a bunch of does and a nice buck or two if we could.
A fried runs an orginization that since Oct 08 has donated 50K lbs of wild hog and I was going to take a deer or two and donate the rest

got there before daybreak and had does everywhere as the sun came up, you know it's going to be good when you see lots of eyeballs reflecting back at you as you drive into the area

My son was hung up on a nice buck and I didn't feel like dealing with any does that early in the morning..

We stayed near the winter wheat field about 2hrsa dn then drove up to the high part of the place and jumped quite a number of does

Got him setup in a pop up and I went for a long stalk hunt and was going to be walking back the thick stuff and see if I could push any deer his direction

Walking in the tree line next to the open area two deer bolted right into the field in front of me, I sprinted to the rignt and dropped to a knee and saw one doe hightailing it.. the other froze behind a tree about 75 yards in front of me, as it stepped forward, WACK!

Down went doe #1

Jumped several others and was trying to push them towards Sean
When I got close to him he said he saw some running but they jumped the fence
no go

hunted some more, ate lunch and got setup in the killing field blind
overlooking a big field that like clockwork at dusk has deer coming out and moving to our right over to the winter wheat field

the view, you can see a litle clearing under the trees, deer come through there and to the left... that's 300 yards

Well, out come 2 doe at 175 yards
my son tried to get a video but all you hear is WACK! a deer running, sky, WACK!
well, within 2 seconds there were 2 does DRT

a 6 pt comes out and my son goes for it but misses at 150 yards...
my fault, he should have stuck with his 243 that he's used to

a few minutes later, under the trees at 300 yards I see a NICE buck
looked like lazer beams coming out of his head
he was hung up and wouldn't come forward, after what seemed like an eternity he eases forward and as he's right at the edge of the adjoining tree line, he pauses and WACK!
250 yards and he drops like a sack of potatoes and never even as much as kicked

85g Barnes hit a little high and took out the lower spine and exited the far side

the final count, 3 doe and 1 buck (one in the cooler from the morning)

We donated the 3 deer to my buddy to process and give away the meat

Get the horns back in a few weeks

My son and I had wonderful day together and that's by far the best and most important part!


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Great Report/Pics

Am considering a 6.8SPC or a 6.5Creedmore chambering for my wife to use on these smaller Florida deer. Would love to get one in a single shot bolt gun or a T/C Encore.

Would "tool up" to reload for it and are going over the bullets available at this point. Good to hear that the 6.8 kills cleanly given good shot placement.

Thanks for the report and glad to see a good father/son hunting experience.

Good Shootin' -----pryhdlr

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I still like the 6.5 Grendel better (or the 6.5x47 Lapua or the 6.5 Creedmoor, but I'm a 6.5mm fan) ;) 85gr in .270 just sounds too light (low SD), to me. Obviously it kills deer, though.

That's a nice rack on that buck... really long brow tines.

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I still like the 6.5 Grendel better (or the 6.5x47 Lapua or the 6.5 Creedmoor, but I'm a 6.5mm fan) ;) 85gr in .270 just sounds too light (low SD), to me. Obviously it kills deer, though.

That's a nice rack on that buck... really long brow tines.
The Grendel does win in high SD bullets and for shooting a longer distances I think. But the 6.8 has a lot going for it under about 300 yards or so. I had looked at the 6.5 for a long time and what finally sold me was a great deal I got from a buddy on a 6.8 barrel. Not that I think a 6.5 is any worse, but now that I have one rifle in that class I probably won't be picking up a 6.5 anytime soon.

As for the Lapua or Creedmoor I would definitely agree that they are a step above, but they use a 308 length action. You can get more performance out of the longer action, compared to a 223 size, but you cannot fit that into an AR15 size platform, which is what a lot of the 6.8s and 6.5 Grendels are used in. If I were buying a bolt gun or wanted an AR10 I would go with the Lapua, Creedmoor or maybe a 260 to get the extra powder capacity.
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