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Hunting with handgun cartriges

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I'm fascinated by handgun hunting (probably the whole "forbidden fruit" thing) and I got thinking, what can you take with various handgun rounds? There are some VERY powerful handguns out there, like the .500 S&W, but I'm curious about the other staples. Rounds you may not think about when you think handgun hunting. Are there any hunting applications the following cartridges could be used for? What would they be good for and at what ranges? Would it make a difference if it was from a pistol/revolver/contender/carbine?

9mm Luger
.40 S&W
10mm Auto
.45 ACP
.357 SIG
.45 GAP
.45 Colt
.357 Magnum
.44 Magnum
.41 Magnum
.50 AE
.454 Casul
.327 Federal Magnum

There's others that I am forgetting for sure. A bunch of .32 or .38 caliber rounds for example. I expect that rounds like the 9mm would not be used for hunting at all, and rounds like .45 ACP only from close range, but if I knew, I wouldn't be asking. :p

What can you tell me?
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The 32 H&R Magnum and the 38 Special will take deer cleanly at ranges under 50 yards if you demand perfect bullet placement. While I do not believe either gun is suitable for deer I have seen it done with both cartridges. The 38 Special loaded with wadcutters is quite effective on un-alarmed deer when the range is under 50 yards. A shot just over the heart will cause a doe to “hump-up” and quite often they do not take a step. The 32 Magnum loaded with 100-grain Hornady XTP bullets ahead of 9.8 grains of Hodgdon 110 will do the same thing. This load is not for the light frame guns but in the Ruger Single Six Bisley this is a “magic load.”
Many of our West Texas does and spike bucks weigh less than 125 pounds on the hoof and the key to killing them quickly is phrase: “un-alarmed.”
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Follow the link to this thread on the 457122HP Gould bullet loaded in the 45 Colt.
The posts you are looking for are:
Page 2 #30, page 3 posts #47, #48 and #57. Page 4 post #61.
These posts will give you a number of links and magazine articles to look for which have high performance load data for the 45 Colt.
If you are looking for the “one” article on the high performance 45 Colt look for: “Turbo Charging the 45 Colt” by Ross Seyfried, the details in one of the posts. If you have not studied the modern, high performance 45 Colt you may be in for a surprise.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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