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i got the best complemnet today

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Well i was turning through the newspaper and seen a ad for a class 3 dealer and regular ffl . well when i looked at the address it was only 5 miles up the road :eek: . i mean i live out in the country and this was a nice clean store . the guy behind the counter who runs the place knew alot he builds class 3 stuff and whatnot . i talked to him for about 45 mintues when leaving he told me it was nice to meet some young people who actually knew something about guns :D.

He had such a large selection of ... well guns and such . his baby was a tac 50 action he built up with a ar50 muzzle brake . my brother plans on taking his m70 winchester up there next month to get a ceran coating . it looks like trynite from remington but with a green tint to it . see usaully our local gun place is about 20 miles to town . but this place is just a few miles and has more services . though being 18 i cant buy class 3 items but i want to order a gun through him next year
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Us old coots are always glad to meet young people who have the same interest in firearms. Just the other day, the bag boy at the food market was putting the grocery bags in the rear seat of my truck. He looked down at the two rifles lying on the rear floorboard. He recognized them both as a Marlin 336 and a Marling 1895 guide gun. He asked what calibers they were and we stood talking for about ten minutes about hunting and guns. He said he had been hunting deer with his shotgun for several years but his uncle had just given him a Win 94 in 30-30. He was saving money so he could buy some shells for the 94. I reached into a box on the back seat and handed him two new boxes of Remington 30-30 ammo. He was grinning so big I thought all his teeth were gonna fall out. Now if he can just find that big buck.....
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