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i got the best complemnet today

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Well i was turning through the newspaper and seen a ad for a class 3 dealer and regular ffl . well when i looked at the address it was only 5 miles up the road :eek: . i mean i live out in the country and this was a nice clean store . the guy behind the counter who runs the place knew alot he builds class 3 stuff and whatnot . i talked to him for about 45 mintues when leaving he told me it was nice to meet some young people who actually knew something about guns :D.

He had such a large selection of ... well guns and such . his baby was a tac 50 action he built up with a ar50 muzzle brake . my brother plans on taking his m70 winchester up there next month to get a ceran coating . it looks like trynite from remington but with a green tint to it . see usaully our local gun place is about 20 miles to town . but this place is just a few miles and has more services . though being 18 i cant buy class 3 items but i want to order a gun through him next year
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yep i love all sorts of gun , i get alot of crossed looks though when i mention i want the 460 wby lol.i got alot to keep learning though .
yeah my neighbor who is his late 40's takes me hunting from time to time . he gave me a box of 180 gr jhp' for the 44 mag. and last time i was out of ammo for the rifles so he lent me his ruger 77 in 7m mag with nice walnut stock and iron sights with a gameseeker scope . plus some hand loads. tobad i didnt get to bag anything though
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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