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i just got back from the gun show

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hey everybody !
well after looking all over the show i did not find anything i really liked so im just going to buy a new gun but im not going to buy the savage edge anymore, im choosing between and moseberg 4x4 or a marlin xl7 what do you guys think i should get ? ohh ya its going to chambered in 30-06
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Mr. Ponce,

Of the two you listed, don't even think about getting the Mossberg; the Marlin is the better gun, by far!

If the 270 you looked at is still available, you will one day know enough about guns to absolutely HATE YOURSELF, for not paying $400 to buy it. You don't buy a 270 because it kicks less than another cartridge, you buy it because it's a very useful and effective cartridge. Do yourself a favor and think long and hard about all the "new" things being sold today. You can get the new gun if you prefer, but 10 years from now, you'll look back and second-guess your decision to not pick up that FN Mauser in 270. Mark my words.
If I were to own but a single big-game rifle, it would be an '06. If I were to own 2, I would prefer something like a 270 and a 338WM, or perhaps even a 25-'06 and a 325WSM...just because I'm weird. :)

If I had $400 to buy a rifle and could choose between the FN Mauser in 270 or anything currently on the market in the $400 price range, I would not hesitate to buy the FN.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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