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i just got back from the gun show

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hey everybody !
well after looking all over the show i did not find anything i really liked so im just going to buy a new gun but im not going to buy the savage edge anymore, im choosing between and moseberg 4x4 or a marlin xl7 what do you guys think i should get ? ohh ya its going to chambered in 30-06
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Before you actually lay down the $$ to buy the Marlin, just go back to Cabelas and handle the FN .270. Work the bolt. Shoulder the rifle. Run your hands over the nice walnut stock. Work the floorplate. Listen to the fine snick, snick sounds of genuine workmanship with both metal and wood. Then come back here and tell us you like that Marlin more than that FN.:rolleyes:

I, for one, will be flabbergasted to see you actually chose the Marlin.:eek::eek:
The suspense is KILLING me!!:eek::eek::eek:
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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