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i just got back from the gun show

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hey everybody !
well after looking all over the show i did not find anything i really liked so im just going to buy a new gun but im not going to buy the savage edge anymore, im choosing between and moseberg 4x4 or a marlin xl7 what do you guys think i should get ? ohh ya its going to chambered in 30-06
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im not sure if that 270 is still at cabelas, but the reason i was leaning towards the 270 is because i was afraid of the recoil a 30-06 would produce until this morning i went to the range and i got to shoot my friends 30-06. man was i shaking when i got behind the gun, the reason i was so nervous was because i had seen a couple videos on you tube where people shooting the 30-06 get hit by the scope, but once i squeezed off the first round i realized i had scared my self for no reason the recoil really dont bother me and i must have shot at least 40 rounds trough the 30 and no sore shoulder !!! and my friends dad was telling me that i should get a new rifle because i will know where it has Benn since day 1, and that it will be my baby ( as he was telling me this he keep looking at his winchester m70) and that i will know exactly what has happened to the rifle, and that i wont know that with a a used one. so thats why im choosing between the marlin and the mossberg they both seem like pretty good rifle i just don't know which one to chose
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im thinking guys im really thinking ! idk which one to chose
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