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I know this subject has been beaten to death, but...

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Here are my chrono figures for my new Puma 92 .454 levergun vs. my .454 SRH:

All loads are 5 shot average, all reloads use 1.775" OAL and CCI SR MAG primers unless otherwise noted. TEMP 65F ELEVATION 5000ft

The usual disclaimer applies "please work up your own loads, what is safe in my weapon, may not be safe in yours"

Puma 92:

Magtech 260JSP - 2251fps
185 Golden Sabre 36.5gr 2400 - 2463fps (1.70")
230 RP FMJ 34.5gr 2400 - 2286fps
255 "Keith" SWC 35.0gr H110 - 2218fps
265 CPBC LBT 35.0gr H110 - 2221fps
300 XTP/MAG 32.5gr H110 - 2057fps
300 CPBC LBT 32.5gr H110 - 2158fps
335 CPBC LBT 31.0gr H110 - 1955fps
360 CPBC LBT 28.0gr H110 - 1828fps
395 CPBC LBT 24.0gr H110 - 1584fps
405 BTB LBT 25.0gr H110 - 1627fps

.45 Colt loads in the Puma:

255 "Keith" SWC 9.2gr 700X - 1280fps
255 "Keith" SWC 13.5gr 800X - 1505fps
300 XTP 22.5gr H110 - 1577fps
300 CPBC LBT 23.5gr H110 - 1675fps

I was able to shoot a 3" group @100yds using the kneeling position and no rest using the 360gr load and a 2.66" group at 100yds using the 335gr load. Overall, I would recommend this rifle for anyone who either has a ,454 or anyone who has always wanted to get a .454, but didn't because of the felt recoil on your hands. I shot more than 100 full throttle .454 loads and another 100 .45 Colt loads in one session, and today I am not in the least bit sore. I believe that this is the ultimate companion for my SRH!
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Here is the same loads from my .454 SRH on the same day.
Of course, the same disclaimer applies.

.454 loads:
Magtech 260JSP - 1806fps
185 GSHP 36.5gr 2400 - 1869fps
230 RP FMJ 34.5gr 2400 - 1739fps
255 "Keith" SWC 35.0gr H110 - 1741fps
265 CPBC LBT 35.0gr H110 - 1753fps
300 XTP/MAG 32.5gr H110 - 1694fps
300 CPBC LBT 32.5gr H110 - 1778fps
335 CPBC LBT 31.0gr H110 - 1577fps
360 CPBC LBT 28.0gr H110 - 1503fps
395 CPBC LBT 24.0gr H110 - 1315fps
405 BTB 25.0gr H110 - 1365fps
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Looks like it is going to be a winner. Shooters like yourself will eventually silence the skeptics. But there will be some who will never accept the fact that a compaany other than Marlin, Winchester or Ruger makes a weapon that can handle the 454 Casull. A pity.

I still plan on acquiring a Rossi 92 in 454 Casull. But I have so many projects that are taking up all my time and money.

Excellent report and very interesting. You're certainly getting good velocity from both revolver and lever action. I agree, sure appears to be an good combination. Quite frankly, I'll admit to your referenced prejudice and didn't expect the Puma to perform as well as it does.

We've had posts that like everything about the rifle except the factory sights.....are you using them or have substituted?

i would like to have one.but i keep thinking what is wrong with it if marlin will not make the it safe your still alive so it must will handle the proof loads the factory must shoot through it before they can ship many proof loads do they shoot through a lever gun to test it,thanks,keith
is that with a scope.that one load is around 3100 foot pounds.have you tried and jacketed bullets in it yet,thanks,keith
I am not a big fan of the stock sights, but I had just bought it and didn't have any time to change them out. I think that it is just as well, because they did the job well on Sunday!

There is an excellent 11 page article on the Rossi .454 carbine in the November "Accurate Rifle" magazine. It gives the Rossi a real "thumbs up" as well as good information on the .454 development and the resulting carbine.

I don't think "Accurate Rifle" is available "off the shelf", but if interested, you might give them a call at 860-645-8776. This magazine is an excellent source for rifle enthusiasts and covers a lot of ground, from old timers, to African hunting and ocassionally includes a handgun article.


is your puma 92 454 in blue or stainless.what primers do you use,thanks,keith
My .454 is blued and I use CCI SR mag primers.
Hope this helps!
Primers for .454


For whatever it may be worth, there is an article in the "Tech Notes" section that addresses primers for the .454.

blue steel vs stainless ?

i have been told blue steel is stronger.could it be faster as well.i know it can vary from one barrel to another in the same make of gun.

Excellent report. Some of the .45 Colt loads I can relate to, the .454's no. I don't have one. But I like to read threads like this to learn things.

What are the barrel lengths of the Rossi and the Ruger?

The Rossi is 20" and thr Ruger is 7.5"
Great write-up!! I have the same setup as you and am getting very close to your velocities in mine-both rifle/ pistol, as well though I haven't shot 185's or anything larger then 300 gr in mine. Though the 325 45 LC BB that went through seem to be asome!! I'm looking to get a 325-340 gr mold as I cast most of my bullets!! Lee I'm waiting????? working with the 240 XTP-Mags right now the rifle likes them better than the pistol though- hoping to find that happy medium so they work in both. :cool:
Yes, very nice write up, MCNETT.

Can you tell me what the twist rate is in the puma? I never seem to find that info on the Legacy Arms site.
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