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Idaho hunting regs, especially muzzleloader definition

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This thread perhaps should be under the "your neck of the woods" because I don't live in Idaho, but I am sure thinking about moving there. I was just reading the Idaho hunting regulations. One thing that really stood out to me was the definition of the muzzleloading rifle, which I was so enthused to read that I was doing the 'ol arm pump in agreement. Idaho does not allow the use in-line muzzleloaders firing sabotted bullets. Good for them!

I have always been opposed to the use of the in-line muzzleloaders which, in my opinion, were developed to skirt the laws for using "primitive weapons" as some states call them thereby defeating the intended purpose of those laws. I don't like it.

I was glad to see Idaho requires the use of actual primitively styled muzzleloading rifles. I hunt in Indiana where in-lines are considered legal muzzleloaders and I disagree. I have hunted deer with my muzzleloader, a Hawkens rifle with a patched round ball.

I know I will step on someone's toes with this opinion, I do not intend to offend. I was just glad to see that Idaho, in my opinion, got it right.

I will scout out more of Idaho next summer as a future place for the wife and I to live, what a beautiful state with abundant recreational opportunities.

Best regards,

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If legal, why should it matter what someone else hunts with? As long as it is legal, hunt with it. If you are one of those that want to dress like Daniel Boone, carry a flintlock, and hunt in the spirit of our ancestors.. more power too you. If you are one that wants to carry an inline and get to spend some addiitional time in the woods and maybe add some venison to the freezer, good hunting.

Many of the states that allow in lines, scopes, smokeless powder, sabots, etc.. do so for reasons of herd management and the purchase of license numbers. The more people in the sport the more health we are should a problem that needs all our support becomes.

Personally I hunt with both modern and traditional rifles. Does one give me more enjoyment? Well I guess I liked shooting my flintlocks, but I also like all my rifles no matter what the ignition systems. IMO the real thing that gives one a bigger advantage over the other is a scope. With out a scope, all m y rifles are basically equal. I will not shoot past 100 yards if I do not have to.
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