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Idaho hunting regs, especially muzzleloader definition

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This thread perhaps should be under the "your neck of the woods" because I don't live in Idaho, but I am sure thinking about moving there. I was just reading the Idaho hunting regulations. One thing that really stood out to me was the definition of the muzzleloading rifle, which I was so enthused to read that I was doing the 'ol arm pump in agreement. Idaho does not allow the use in-line muzzleloaders firing sabotted bullets. Good for them!

I have always been opposed to the use of the in-line muzzleloaders which, in my opinion, were developed to skirt the laws for using "primitive weapons" as some states call them thereby defeating the intended purpose of those laws. I don't like it.

I was glad to see Idaho requires the use of actual primitively styled muzzleloading rifles. I hunt in Indiana where in-lines are considered legal muzzleloaders and I disagree. I have hunted deer with my muzzleloader, a Hawkens rifle with a patched round ball.

I know I will step on someone's toes with this opinion, I do not intend to offend. I was just glad to see that Idaho, in my opinion, got it right.

I will scout out more of Idaho next summer as a future place for the wife and I to live, what a beautiful state with abundant recreational opportunities.

Best regards,

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Personally, I enjoy using both, although I haven't really liked the sabot usage. I prefer a 385 gr. Great Plains bullet or Round ball. I have a .50 Hawken, .50 Kentucky Pistol and a .50 Buckstalker modern. I like the modern design for hunting and put a Tru-Glo aftermarket Ghostring & glowing front globe site on it. Big improvement over the factory sights, which broke after a couple outings in the cold. I don't really care for scopes and have only one on a .22 bolt action rifle that I use to shoot ground squirrels, woodchucks and such. I also have Kwik-Sight Scope Mounts and find that quite often I'll use the iron sights for offhand in lieu of the scope. ;) I love the look and feel of my Hawken though and can shoot the 10x10 gong at 75 yards with my 10-1/2" barreled pistol. I think it's a case of, "to each his own". I love shooting all kinds of weapons personally, albeit I'm not a real fan of small leads. My center fires are .45-70 gov and .45 Colt ;)
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