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idea on meat eating..

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my son tells me he plans to take his children to a cattle sale with meat processing plant..
this when they at an age to comprehend,, that the hamburger they eat came from an animal that had to die..
i might not have said this right.. but i think his idea is good..
not many kids are raised these days, in an enviroment ,where they learn this naturally at hog killing time or whatever..
this relates to hunting an guns ,in that the same applys to what we take as game..
really enjoyed a deer roast at my daughters house,last week.
came from a ten pointer..son in law got an eight an ten pointer last year some does for people who needed the meat..good hunter imo.
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4th grade teacher takes class to slaughter house

A 4th grade teacher in Greely Colorado takes her class to the slaughter house each and every year for a tour of the facilities. I asked my 8th graders where ground beef, chicken legs and fish patties came from. They didn't have a clue. I sure wish I lived closer to a slaughter house so that I too could take my students for an educational tour. My own kids were raised on wild game (rabbits, squirrels, deer, and turkey) as I couldn't always afford to buy meat at the local grocery store when they were growing up.
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