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If it weren't true, it would be funny.

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Here's the story. In 1997 and 1998, a Democrat Governor (who is married) had an affair with a women. This woman lived in a town called Clinton. The woman ran a nursing home and was protituting herself to keep inspectors away from the Home, but after a few years, called off the affair. A few days after the affair ended, inspectors showed up at the nursing home and in due time shut the place down. The woman sues the governor for harrasment. The news media asked the governor if he had had sex with the woman. He denied it twice. Two days later, he goes on TV and admits the afair, claims he was trying to protect his family, and now accepts full responsiblilty for his actions, all the while breaking down and crying. The then asks for forgiveness and says he will seek counceling. He claims nothing to do with the inspectors closing down the nursing home.

Does all of this sound remotely familiar? This story could not be more laughable if I had set down and made it up from scratch, but the Governor of Kentucky, Gov. Patton, is in the news and this is the story he is telling. He too does not have the cahoonas to do what is right and resign. He is using the Bill Clinton Sex Scandle Play Book and is following it to the letter. If it weren't so serious, it would be laughable. :mad:
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Kinda, sorta. But, and this is the odd part, he is fairly pro-gun. He was the driving force behind getting Kentucky's CCW law passed, but he has pretty much towed the party line on most things as I understand it. Fortunately for me, he is not my governor as I live next door to KY.
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