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I do not mean to belittle my own, but Americans do not undestand the AK. It's genesis is based off studies from WW2, in which the Russkies discoverd the same thing tha the Germans discovered that took the US until Korea to figure out:
Most combat ocurrs at less than 300m, and most often a soldier will wait until the enemey is at 100m, due to fear of being able to hit the enemy, lightling, terrain, etc. Also, we in the US ae a nation of Riflemen. The russkies are not, and never were. What does this mean? Simple. The Army and Marines teach that "this soldier shoots here" The Russians thought process is "The SQUAD shoots here" Lastly, at the time of the USSR and the AK's development, the USSR had about three major and 3 minor laguages to contend with, coupled with a very large populace portion that were basically illiterate, so the gun had to be oh-so simple. Lastly, of course, is the legendary reliability. Not too long ago, I saw where the Sout African Army was finding piles - literally - of AKs rusting in the inclement weather in Mozambique, where they were being allowed to look for these hidden caches that criminals were bringing into SA. Pull the magest dirtest rustiest one off the pile, pour motor oil over it, make sure the bore is unobstructed, then load and shoot!

Point is, don't compare it to the M16. To do so is a mistake.

I have owned many, and currently own a "franken gun" and they are great. you will be well-served by this weapon
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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