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Un-ugly Ak

I just couldn't resist a SHOW & TELL.

This is a Mak-90 in 7.62x39 that I bought in 1994. The Mak-90 has an excessive amount of heavy wood in the form of an ugly thumbhole stock and here I have made an attempt to beautify this weapon by removing the wood and installing black plastic furniture. The sling is standard AK/SKS. One 100 round and two 75 round drum magazines.

I have fired over 1000 rounds and it has never jammed or failed to fire except for an occasional misfire due to bad ammo, not the weapon. It is nowhere near as accurate as my heavy barreled AR-15, but it will keep most rounds in an 8" pie plate at 150 yards. The ones that missed are probably my fault. With a receiver sight and younger eyes, the results would have been better.

AK ugly? YES. Reliable and dependable? You betcha.

BTW, does anyone own one of the new Century Arms AK with a folding stock. I saw one on either "GUNS & AMMO TV" or "AMERICAN RIFLEMAN" TV this past week. Interesting.
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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