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Noticed two earlier posts today, concerning reduced loads for rifle cartridges. Just thought I'd mention an article in Hodgdon's 2010 reloading manual/magazine about using the IMR Trail Boss powder with jacketed bullets for reduced load shooting. I posted info from this article on another gun site's reloading forum and a guy who had recently had a pacemaker installed, ending his shooting of his favorite larger calibers, read my post. He bought some Trail Boss and tried it. Guy taught a reloading class at a local community type college and was familiar with Trail Boss powder, but not aware of recent article concerning using jacketed bullets with the powder. He was happy to find out he could now shoot his favorite rifles again because the recoil was so minimal and he was very satisfied with accuracy. Guy shot his Trail Boss loads in a couple of military surplus rifles up to 100 yards.

When Trail Boss was introduced, load data was only for use in straight cased cartridges using cast bullets. Powder was not case sensitive and due to its bulky size filled a case nicely eliminating possiblity of overcharging. Later, IMR/Hodgdon began showing load data for bottlenecked cartridges, again only for cast bullet shooting.

Now the recent article tells you that Trail Boss can be used in any bottleneck cartridge with jacketed bullets. Article recommends to start with 70% load density with jacketed bullet you want to use. You can go to as high as 100% load density seeking your optimum accuracy. Article states pressures reached with 100% load density Trail Boss in any cartridge is too low to be a danger.

So, just seat a bullet you want to use in your empty bottleneck cartridge and mark where bottom of bullet it in your brass. Remove bullet, fill case to the mark and then measure the grains of powder it took. This is your 100% load density. Reduce to 70% by multilpying the number of grains by .70. Example: if it takes 20 grains of Trail Boss in a 270 Win for 100% load density, then 14 grains is the 70% load density. (20grs X .70 = 14grs) And as I wrote earlier, article states it is safe to load to 100% density with Trail Boss.

So, have a kid/woman who doesn't like the recoil of a particular cartridge, Trail Boss is good for them. However, velocity of the bullet with powder greatly reduced, so expect a 3" drop or more in trajectory at 100 yards.
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