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I've loaded 9 rounds for the 44 mag with a 220 gr Sierra over 18 gr of IMR4227 with a Fed 155 LP primer. This is my last try. I just hate to not use this powder and get rid of it. There is so much data that says it works good. I crimped as heavy as I dare hoping to get a little more time with this slow powder.

I'll use it up on some 110 gr. 30.06 loads if this doesn't work.

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Chief RID,
I don't shoot .44 mags, but I have loaded IMR 4227 in my hot .45 Colt loads. I use a load out of the Hornady book that shows 1300 FPS from their 7.5" test gun with the 250 grain XTP HP.
This load really puts the freight out and is quite accurate.  Probably more so than I am.  
I had two thoughts as I read your post.

First: As good as Federal primers are, I have had excellent luck with the Winchester WLP primers in my light, standard, and hot .45 Colt loads.  Good ignition, with little unburned powder from the 4227 powder I have used.

Second: 4227 is a slow burning powder.  Maybe the 220 grain bullet is too light to make the most out of  the powder.  Perhaps going to a heavier bullet would get better performance with this powder.

I would suggest, trying the Win. WLP primers and a 240-260 grain bullet with the 4427 powder.
I agree, who wants to waste powder.  It costs too much.

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I'll echo the sentiments of the last post as well!  Try using some WLP primers with the 4227 in your .44 mag, and too, my best results with 4227 in the .44 magnum have been when using 250+ grain bullets.  In fact, it's second only to H110/296 in the 280+ grain bullets and heavy loads.

Note that I said heavy loads?  Your load of only 18 grains of powder is very light for the 220g pill you're pushing out the bore.  Just my experience!

God Bless,

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