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Go to the top of this section and read the thread, "First Tiime Revolver Shooting."
Lots of good info in there, for the experienced and neophyte alike.

On a side note, I avoid all petroleum products in my black powder guns. Petroleum greases and oils, when coupled with black powder, create a hard, tarry fouling that is more difficult to remove.

I rarely use grease over the ball. Instead, for many years I've used a greased real felt, 1/8-inch thick wad between the ball and powder. Lubricate the wad with any natural grease, such as lard, bacon grease, Bore Butter, SPG, Lyman Black Gold or the lubricant named after me: Gatofeo's No. 1 Lubricant. Its recipe is in the posting.

I use .380-inch balls. A number of places on the internet sell them. I find the slightly larger ball to give a better seal in the chamber, and to be more accurate.

Anyway, read that thread at the top. Then print it out for further reference. You'll find yourself referring to it frequently.
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