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Hope I'm not violating any procedures for this site with this announcement. If I am please let me know at the included email.
I am the Match Director at the facility in Amherst County, VA. We have informal Action Pistol matches once a month and an Action Pistol practice session once a month. The facility is a private range but the events are open to all. A shooter must be qualified by the Match Director in order to participate fully. This means he/she must be able to demonstrate various skill sets by doing them safely before we'll let them do it during a match. For example, he must re-holster without muzzling himself or anyone else. When I say informal understand that we are not affiliated with any organization lilke IDPA or USPSA. Our focus is on practical shooting and skill development, not winning competitions.
The events are a cross between a steel match, IDPA, USPSA, and any other action shooting discipline you can think of. The rules are safety, safety, safety. Fees for non-members are $15 and we expect early arrival to help set up and stay until the range is put to bed.
The range is owned and operated by a non-profit conservation organization and is about 20 minutes from downtown Lynchburg, VA.
If you want to participate please contact me at [email protected] for more information and how to find out when and where we do our thing. I'll send you a range briefing and schedule, and our website.
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