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Infrared gamefinders

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I am planning a bear hunt to SE Alaska. I have talked to several people who have hunted there. Many have made emphatic mention of the need to anchor the bear or risk losing it in the rain forest. One even said he thought an infrared gamefinder would come in handy. He had not used one before. I would like to hear from some of you who have used these. How effective are they for finding a dead or wounded animal in blowdowns and thick brush? Any recommendations on which one to buy? Any precautions or tips on use. Thanks, Brian.
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If you are planning on hunting brown bear, Alaska requires all non-residents to be accompanied by a registered guide.  I would talk to the guide you will be using.  Some of them might get offended if you show up with a gamefinder.  I know one here in southcentral that was terribly offended when his client showed up with a gamefinder.  The guide took it personal and run his client ragged because of it.  Not all are that sensitive, but some are purists.  Trust your guide, your hunt and life may depend on it.
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