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Thanks Matt!

I've got a whole notebook full of titles.   When I'm working and one of those experiences comes to mind, I just stop what I'm doing, and write one-line reminders in my notebook to jog my memory!

Glad you like those stories that I write, I hear very little feedback on the Trail Talk articles, so thank you.   I've got pages of ideas for more stories, but haven't invested the time in them because I wasn't sure of the usership of them.

Perhaps I'll do a couple more this week in the evenings just to relax... it's fun to recall those memories, and writing them down makes them come just that much more vivid in my mind!

Thanks for the post!

God Bless,


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Write a book of your exploits and stories and sell it like Keith did.

Then you too can say, "####, I was there!" (grin)



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