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This year I make a work about invasives species( in Australia) and so I want to interview a few experimented australian hunters.
Note: Sorry for my english.I must finish this before the 19th March 2016.
my e-mail adress(for send the complete interview with your answer to me): [email protected]

Thank you for your help :D.

The Interview(complete it please and send it to me):

Interview :​

• Name :
• Firstname :
• Age :
• Job :
• Region(city and others) :
1. When did you start hunting?

2. What does the hunting brings you? (Feelings, nature, meeting…)?

3. What are the laws for the hunt in Australia?

4. The invasive species are they manageable than before?

5. In 2016, what is the most invasive species in Australia?

6. Are there still many rabbits?

7. Invasive species had a huge impact on the local fauna and flora?

8. Have you a reward if you kill harmful animals?

9. How are seen hunters in Australia?

10. What do you think about the animal’s defenders?

Thank very much for taking the time to answer.

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This came up on an Australian site. The reaction was to keep well away. Can't make any other comment because I do not really know. :eek:

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Joins from somewhere in Tibet and does a research on Australia invasive species. A rather honourable vision, and maybe a study task towards a degree, who knows?

The experimented.. err.. experimenting.. err.. expendable.. err.. experienced hunters would maybe be loathe to say how much of what there is to cull for experience sake.. :)
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