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Hi Everybody!

I am new to this forum, after checking out a few others and seeing the this was the most comprehensive.

I live in Ontario Canada and also have a little place in Arundel, Maine that I use as a base for striped bass surf fishing in the summer.

I am a big lever-actioin rifle fan, and own a Winchester 94 in .357, a Winchester 9410, a Savage 99 in .300 Sav., and I just ordered a over and under Browning Cynergy 20guage.

Besides all that, I'm a big fan of everything American and old-fashined, including my US-made Penn reels (pre-china), my Winchesters (pre-Japan), and by GMC (pre-bailout!). And if anyone wants to echange citizenships, we can talk!

Jean Clermont,
Ontario, Canada / Arundel, Maine
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