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I agree with the others. Give the gun a good inspection, hold the seller to his word on the condition of it, too. One thing I would add is, the thing I like about used rifles, at least the older ones is the history they have been a part of. If I can trace the history of the rifle, so much the better, but just running your hand along a scratch in the stock evokes a scene deep in dark swamps of South Carolina, the desert plains of West Texas, or the snow capped mountains and alder jungles of Alaska. Granted the rifle needs to be checked over for excessive wear and proper functioning, but at least the pre 64 Winchesters, the Super 30 Remingtons, the Weatherby's made on Mauser actions, the FN Mauser Brownings, Mauser 98's, Brno's, etc.. are really well made firearms, as good or better than anything made today in my opinion. If you find one that has been treated well, even if hunted hard, they are a real treasure. Buying a new rifle these days allows you write your own history with it, but a rifle from the past is special also.

You can't find a Winchester M21 or a Parker Bros, new these days either. Sometimes, if you are looking for a particular model, you have to go with a used firearm. I've been really pleased with all the used guns I've bought.
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