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For a FA revolver, 20 gr. is not even the start load for a 340 gr. bullet. That may well be your problem. My start load that John Taffin sent me for a 340 gr. bullet and H110 was 22.0 gr. and a max load of 32.0 gr.
I used the same loads for a 355 gr. LBT hard cast GC WFN bullet and even at 32.0 gr. there were no signs of pressure in the FA. This data was published in the Jul/Aug 1987 issue of American Handgunner.

At the start load of 22.0 gr. H110 burned very dirty with lots of unburned powder left behind. It did not start burning "clean' until around 25.0 gr and at max of 32.0 gr there was almost no residue left behind. Also, accuracy increased as the charge went up.
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