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Well, I successfully made the move from 35 miles west of Chicago to Northern Idaho (Sandpoint) and am in desperate need of a hunting partner.  Now before you go assuming that I am some shoot my rifle once a year, hunt from a heated mega-SUV, tie the animal on the roof city dweller, let me give you some details....

I grew up on a farm in S. Indiana.  I have hunting and trapped just about everything that walks, crawls, and flys.  I prefer wild game (as do my wife and kids) to beef, am an avid handloader, have a fair sense of humor, collect custom using knives, brew my own beer, have my own truck, don't believe in whining, have a very high tolerance for pain, believe that it is ok to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, am great under pressure, and enjoy field dressing game.

Seriously though, I am anxious to start hunting again as much as I can and would really appreciate meeting someone in this area that wouldn't mind having some seasoned company while out in the woods.  



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