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Gunnut -
Do you have the pic saved as a JPG file? If so, simply reply to this thread, and underneath the dialog box is a place that says Attach File. Click on the browse button, find the file in your computer and attach it. That should do the trick. If you get a message that the file is too big, save your picture at a lower resolution and try it again.

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Tried that ! I'm at work now so I'll give it a go when I get home.

Just a pic of a most excellant group I shot last night to ensure the 454 Puma was ready for the season!! Dead center
4" high at 100 yrds with 300 gr XTP-Mags, 1962 FPS, 30.5 gr W296. This will be my load for Deer. That puts me dead on at 175 and -8" at 225 yrds! Oh the group measured at .679" -you can cover it with a nickel!!! :D Who said Lever guns are not accurate!!:cool:

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