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I picked up a Sears/JC Higgins, Mod 50, 30-06 that had been sitting in the rack
at a local gun shop for quite some time. They were asking $385 for it so when
I was told I could have it for $200............
The problem I have is it has mounts already on it but I don't know what rings
fit the mounts. Looks like Weaver mounts but are too narrow for Weaver rings.
To wide for rimfire rings.
I ordered a set of Mauser 98 see-thru from Midway thinking that I could just
remove the mounts on the gun and problem solved. Not so. The mount holes
on the rifle are the same distance apart but on the see-thru's the holes in the rear
are closer together than the front. Front fits, rear don't.
I realy don't wont to drill and tap another hole in the rifle. There isn't enougth
room on the rear see-thru's to drill another hole in it to make it fit.
Any help please.... What rings will fit these mounts? I think they are like 9/16"
wide, and look like Weaver type.
Sears/JC Higgins Mod 50, Mauser action/Hi-standard barrel.
Thanks for any help.

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I don't know what you need, but it is out there. I replaced the mounts on my JCH and my pawn shop had em on the shelf. They bolted right up, and I think that they were a standard Weaver pattern.

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Jc higgins scope mount option[email protected]


I had a pair on my old Nylon 66 and liked the upgrade - I torqued the rear sight screw too hard and snapped it off - thought I'd ruined it for life. Found these mounts and it shoots .50 piece groups.

The pics include the original 4 power that was on the gun when I bought it, but I like the Sniper Mini with these rings. It too shot .50 groups with Eley Sport 40 grain shells, after about 10 mins. of adjusting.

Note the pics show a little excess bolt on the JC mount compared to the Nylon - tightened up nicely on that skinny track on the JC.

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I agree with HarryS

I had the same problem when I bought a Model 50 and someone had removed the original mounts. No problem. I took the rifle to my local gunsmith and he used blank bases and drilled them to match the receiver holes. Problem solved. Take care...
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