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Just slugged barrels

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I just slugged to Win M-94s and a Marlin 1895 G . The M-94s were .429 and .375-376. The bullets were very easy to pop through once they got past the crown. The Marlin was at .459 and I had to tap pretty hard to get the bullet to come out the chamber. Do I purchase my bullets one size up from these measurements. They are a .375 Win and a .444 Marlin and a .45-70.
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Thanks Marshal - that is a .444 Marlin I will be using on high power loads - bear and moose, does that make a difference loading the bullets to a higher pressure? Casey
Marshall - one more question on bullet selection. I am going to load your 355g WLN for close range work on moose and big bears, but I also wanted to select one of your lighter bullets for work on deer and caribou out to its max range(say 150 yd). I was looking at either the 280 or 290 g bulets. I noticed one has a wider meplate, but would the other be better at the 150 yd range(better down range ballistics) and still have enough meplat for quick kills? Casey
I forgot to ask...what is the status of the .375 Win. wide meplat bullet?
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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